Creating a Night Time Routine

In case you hadn’t noticed, we humans tend to be creatures of habit. That being said, having a solid night time routine should be a no brainer at this point. We all did this as children religiously. What seemed to happen?

Practicing Self-Love

What is self-love and why is it so important that we practice it? I’m sure we’ve all heard the term ‘self-love’. But what exactly does that mean? Self-love is the act of simply showing love to oneself. Having the ability to treat yourself with respect & appreciation while nurturing your well-being and growth as aContinue reading “Practicing Self-Love”

Getting UNstuck

Officially I have been blogging for two months now. Two measly months and I am already feeling like I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know if its the endless rabbit hole I go down reading and comparing myself to other blogs or if its that I am not sure the way my blog is setContinue reading “Getting UNstuck”

4 Quick Ways to Stay Active During Your Stay-At-Home Order

With Stay-At-Home Orders being extended and no foreseeable end to this viral outbreak, its getting harder and harder to remain indoors. Winter already forces us to spend more time indoors so its important that we slip in physical activity when we can. By adding these 4 simple and easy ways to keep you physical toContinue reading “4 Quick Ways to Stay Active During Your Stay-At-Home Order”


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Welcome to 30 Days to Live with me, Eliza! Just your average woman seeking deeper connections while gaining value from the many things life has to offer! I hope to inspire as, we take this journey together!

Peace & Love, Eliza

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