Practicing Self-Love

What is self-love and why is it so important that we practice it? I’m sure we’ve all heard the term ‘self-love’. But what exactly does that mean? Self-love is the act of simply showing love to oneself. Having the ability to treat yourself with respect & appreciation while nurturing your well-being and growth as aContinue reading “Practicing Self-Love”

Tomorrow Ain’t Today

Boy does time fly! Can you believe its already January 12th? We’re closing in on the two week mark in our 30 Days to Live January Fitness Challenge and its time for a check in! This first week of the challenge has been great! Adding a new type of physical activity to the regime hasContinue reading “Tomorrow Ain’t Today”

4 Quick Ways to Stay Active During Your Stay-At-Home Order

With Stay-At-Home Orders being extended and no foreseeable end to this viral outbreak, its getting harder and harder to remain indoors. Winter already forces us to spend more time indoors so its important that we slip in physical activity when we can. By adding these 4 simple and easy ways to keep you physical toContinue reading “4 Quick Ways to Stay Active During Your Stay-At-Home Order”

It’s Only Just Begun

Alrighty folks, we’ve officially begun our 30 Days to Live January Challenge and its time for a quick check in! Let me just start off by saying “Holy cow, ow!”. I am now certified feeling the burn! Stepping in and out of the house has become a challenge as well as getting up and downContinue reading “It’s Only Just Begun”

New Year, New You!

Happy 2021 y’all! We MADE IT! We survived the woes of 2020 and are ready to start this year off with a BANG! So join me in another 30 Days to Live Challenge! This time around, I will be doing a fitness challenge to kickstart the new year. Below you will find the daily regimenContinue reading “New Year, New You!”

January Fitness Challenge Layout

Welp, I am officially ready to begin my second 30 Days to Live Challenge! I thought to myself, “What would be the most cliché way to start off the new year?… A FITNESS CHALLENGE, DUH!”. So here I am, about to “get fit” for the new year. New year, new you is what they say!Continue reading “January Fitness Challenge Layout”