Holistic Living: Easy (Beginner) Ways to Nourish the Mind, Body and Soul

Holistic living is a way of life that nourishes your mind, body and soul. It’s the understanding that the mind, body and soul are interconnected in order to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health can help you to fully connect with your inner self.

Think of baking bread. You need the flour, water and yeast in order to make a whole loaf. Without one of these main ingredients, the final result will be incomplete.

Living a holistic lifestyle is just the same, without your three main ingredients -mind, body and soul – you’re not a complete baked loaf of bread!

In this article, you will learn two simple and easy ways you can nourish your mind, body and soul starting today!

Holistic Living: Nourishing the Mind, Body & Soul


  1. Disconnect from Technology
    • Let’s get real, we all have suffered from social media burnout once or twice. It’s inevitable! We live in a world that thrives from the constant use of technology, but sometimes this can backfire.
    • By taking a step back from the constant utilization of your phone and emerging yourself in the present you will only be doing yourself a solid. Take this time away to compile a journal, write it down and self reflect. Create new goals, learn a new skill…you see where this is going. Allowing yourself the space away from technology can sometimes be a nice reset.
  2. Meditation
    • Through the process of meditation, you will gain a sense of clarity of the mind. Allotting 20-30 mins a day to simply sit in silence and clear your thoughts will help nourish the mind greatly.
    • Meditation helps reduce stress levels and can guide you into the here and now, allowing you to be more present.
Photo by Felipe Borges on Pexels.com


  1. Yoga
    • Yoga can be an all encompassing way to make you feel whole. Through the practice of yoga, your body naturally embraces the calmness, slow movements and teaches you effective breathing techniques that help steady the mind as well.
    • Stretching your body once a day will get the blood pumping and boost your energy levels too!
  2. Rest
    • Unfortunately we are not bionic beings and need to make sure to provide ourselves with the proper amount of rest. Without rest, we are no longer able to give 100% of ourselves. We become tired, sluggish, short tempered; none of which are the most appealing traits that you’d want to advertise, I’m sure.
Photo by nappy on Pexels.com


  1. Do What Makes You Happy
    • Every day, do just one thing that makes you happy. When we aren’t restricting or limiting ourselves we are then able to fill our “soul meter”. Now I don’t mean go out and blow thousands of dollars on a fancy pair of shoes or an elaborate trip around the world, but little things. That dance class you’ve had your eye on for sometime, or an online course teaching you “how to crochet like Tom Daly”, is a great way to feed your soul.
    • Being intentional on how we utilize our energies is just as important as nourishing the physical and mental aspects of life.
  2. Engulf Yourself in Nature
    • Spending time outside amongst the trees, basking in the sun and feeling the earth beneath your feet is my personal favorite way to ground the soul. The best part about this practice is all you have to do is simple step outside!
    • This can come in many different variations; gardening, sunbathing, hiking, birdwatching, etc.

Holistic living is not just one equal part, its multiple aspects that work together to create you as a whole.

The most important thing about holistic living is being intentional about your practices and ensuring you’re creating a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle.


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