Getting UNstuck

Officially I have been blogging for two months now. Two measly months and I am already feeling like I’m at a crossroads. I don’t know if its the endless rabbit hole I go down reading and comparing myself to other blogs or if its that I am not sure the way my blog is set up is really how I want to be blogging. I feel a change coming on already! My absolute end goal is to blog fulltime and be able to monetize it. So how do I get to that point? The trending question of the week.

Before I had even taken a whack at blogging I knew it would be a lot of work, but I never actually thought it could be a fulltime gig. I mean you see successful bloggers and think, “Wow, they must be living the life”, but what you don’t see is all the hard work that is put in just to make a statement on your social media feed. Between creating content, writing, editing, editing again, posting, engaging, marketing, adding media, etc, you’ve got your hands full! I don’t even know how to begin blogging alongside my fulltime job at this point. I feel as though “finding the time” is the newest road block and the times that I do have open to blog I’m unsure where to even start. I know at this point just starting is half the battle, so I guess I’ve already won to some extent, right? But seriously, figuring out the next step is the hardest! How to bring in more engagement, how to grow your following, when to start the monetization process, I could go on all day!

“Boy am I gonna need a planner!”

With starting a blog comes a certain level of putting yourself out there too. People want to engage with someone who is real; relatable in some way. The fear of internet trolls and negative vibes (which are unavoidable to a certain extent) are on the forefront as well. I’m guessing all of this will eventually fade away and I’ll learn to toughen up my skin. *Insert muscle flex and a deep “Hoo Ha!”*

SO, concluding thoughts are: “Holy moley do I have a lot of work cut out for me if I want to see this go somewhere” and “Boy am I gonna need a planner!”.


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