Tomorrow Ain’t Today

Boy does time fly! Can you believe its already January 12th? We’re closing in on the two week mark in our 30 Days to Live January Fitness Challenge and its time for a check in!


This first week of the challenge has been great! Adding a new type of physical activity to the regime has been a nice way to switch it up. Prior to this challenge, I practiced yoga everyday, and in comparison it’s almost a fools exercise. Now when I say ‘a fools exercise’ I don’t mean its for fools or that anyone who practices is one. I mean if you wanna think your not working out, but you are, do yoga. This months fitness challenge is compiled of targeted exercises which definitely makes you feel the burn! It’s good though. I feel the aches of muscles that have long been forgotten and am loving it. I can see my stamina growing and can now do 20 crunches straight, no breaks! (Small feats for this gal!). Looking forward to continuing this challenge and hopefully will have washboard abs once I’m done (joking!) Ha!

There are 3 weeks left in January, it’s not to late to join in today!

How is your fitness challenge going?


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