4 Quick Ways to Stay Active During Your Stay-At-Home Order

With Stay-At-Home Orders being extended and no foreseeable end to this viral outbreak, its getting harder and harder to remain indoors. Winter already forces us to spend more time indoors so its important that we slip in physical activity when we can. By adding these 4 simple and easy ways to keep you physical to your daily regimen, you wont be called a couch potato any time soon.

If a buddy is what you need, check out our 30 Days to Live January Fitness Challenge


Take a Walk

Taking a 20 minute walk daily is an easy and quick way to move your body. Getting outside and breathing in fresh air will rejuvenate you! Its said that a 20 minute walk a day can improve your overall mood, help you sleep better and loosen that waistband a bit. If you have a dog, even better! Congratulations, you’ve just won a walking buddy! You and Fido can walk about your neighborhood and get that blood pumping!

Have a Dance Party

Now obviously I’m not saying host a 2021 corona super spreader, I mean pop some music on and get everyone in the house dancing! Live alone? Call up some friends on Zoom or Facetime and get that party started! Have theme nights and make it a weekly event. Working out with a buddy is always a bonus! It’s a great way to keep you moving and get in some quality time with those close to you!


Yoga is a great way to slow down and relax at the end of the day. It can also be a rather rigorous exercise requiring strength and balance. Adding a bit of yoga into your life will keep those cold stiffened muscles of yours, loose and limber through the winter months.

Exercise During Those Pesky Commercials

Why commercials are so frikkin’ long is way beyond me, but when you add them all up you’ve got yourself a sweet workout window. Throw in a set of crunches on the first commercial, squats on the second and burpees on the third! You not only did a whole circuit, but didn’t miss a bit of your show!


How have you stayed active during this time? Share below!


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