Remember Your Joy

2020 has taken us all for a hell ride and I’m pretty sure no one signed up for it! These past 365 days have forced us all to slow down and take a good hard look at ourselves. Before the initial Stay-At-Home Order, there was no reason to break up our daily life infrastructure. Work, home, family, friends, sleep, was more or less the basic outline of our daily routines. But, within that we were bogged down with all of these external distractions (work, news, social media, life!), unable to connect within. Only when it came time to staying in the house for months we were all forced to create new routines and learn a new way of living. Learn how to live with ourselves, no distractions.

During the time spent cooped up in the house we all had to figure something out. How to be with your partner 24/7, how to budget your money better, how to fill your time, etc. Through these new learnings, we were forced to look within and reconnect with ourselves and those closest to us. Some of us started a new hobby, while others worked on a DIY project. Some people may have learned a new language or taken up that one instrument they’ve longed to try. Heck, I took up yoga daily and it became a staple in my new routine, which then turned into my muse for this blog! Whatever it was for you, it made you learn to live in a new way, experience new things and appreciate it for its truest value.


In this new year, don’t forget those new hobbies that were started, the long distance family Zoom calls, the penny pinching methods, because these were the things that brought you joy during a world of chaos. Let’s continue to remember ourselves in 2021, no distractions!

What joy did 2020 bring to your life?


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