Various Ways To Use These 5 Essential Oils

From aromatherapy purposes to creating your very own natural bug repellent, essential oils can be used in so many different ways! Below are my top 5 favorite essential oils and a few ways to use them!

When applying essential oils to the skin, be sure to mix with a carrier oil first.

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A personal go to when suffering from a headache. A few drops of this in the diffuser alongside a cold compress and its goodbye headache! Eucalyptus oil mixed with a fractionated oil and you have yourself a cooling rub for any external pains! Known for its anti-inflammatory and natural decongestant capabilities eucalyptus can be used to provide pain relief and can be found in many ointments or creams.


Oh Lemongrass! A favorite to use when getting rid of those pesky summer night mosquitos. Since lemongrass has a citrusy scent, mosquitos and many other pests are prone to stay away. Making your own repellent will simply provide short term relief, but mixed with witch hazel, a touch of jojoba or coconut oil and your skin will thank you!

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You really can’t go wrong with a little lavender in your life! Great for times of high stress or anxiety, diffusing a few drops of this oil helps release tension and help create a calming environment. Lavender can also be used as a natural sleep aid (mixing with a carrier oil is the best!), help with digestive issues and is said to have anti-inflammatory capabilities as well.


Both warm and cozy, cinnamon is a winter favorite! Not to be over used, cinnamon can work as an excellent antifungal and antibacterial agent. When mixed with a carrier oil, cinnamon oil can also be used to simulate circulation. One of my favorites to use when experiencing muscle tension after a long days work!

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Lemon essential oil is one of my favorite to add into an easy DIY cleaner. Mixing water, some vinegar and a few drops of lemon oil together and you have the perfect house hold cleaner! Safe for your pets and great on all surfaces, your home will be smelling lemony fresh in no time! This oil can also be used to elevate your mood and aide in weight loss.

How do you use your favorite essential oil? Share below!


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