Why Yoga Straps Are Beneficial

Have you ever tried to clasp your hands together behind your back? Go on and try it! Were you able to successfully (and painlessly!) put your hands together? If not, have no fear, yoga straps are here!

A yoga strap is essentially used to make many yoga poses easier. Great for beginner yogis, they help reduce straining oneself and provide the user with a little extra support. Now, if you had said you couldn’t clasp your hands together behind your back, with the help of a yoga strap you could! Instead of your hands being interlocked behind you, the yoga strap would be held in each hand bridging the gap. Comfortably you’d be able to adjust into the pose as needed.


My favorite thing about using yoga straps is noticing the physical changes in my body. When I started out my yoga challenge, I added a yoga strap just to try it out and boy am I glad I did! It’s a nice guide to create personal benchmarks from and a great motivator to keep practicing those particularly difficult poses!

There are many other positions I like to use yoga straps with:

Side Stretch

Seated Forward Bend

Opening the Shoulders (Shoulder Flossing)

Extended Hand to Big Toe

Would you consider adding yoga straps to your practice?


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