Yoga Challenge – Week 3 Adjustments

This week my yoga challenge has taken a turn for the better! As my days tend to vary depending on the schedule at my full time job, I’ve been putting too much pressure on carving out an allotted time for yoga. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn and disturbing my household (aka waking my dogs and them thinking it’s time to play tug of war), I am now incorporating yoga sporadically throughout my day.  

I fortunately work on a beach, so I usually take my lunch breaks by the ocean. Listening to the ease of the waves crashing to shore and feeling the sea breeze on my face, I am instantly relaxed. So I decided to make more of these moments by incorporating a quick practice. Once done, my energy levels are back up, my body has thanked me for a mid day stretch and I am ready to take on the afternoon!

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Having a calming place to practice during the workday I know is a bonus! Click here for tips and tricks on how to set up a calming at home yoga space.


With this new adjustment in my yoga practice, things feel more natural. I am no longer feeling the (unnecessary) pressure to have a designated time to practice AND if I can’t physically unroll my mat, that doesn’t mean that I am failing at this challenge. Creating a different way to approach new ventures in life is sometimes all you need in order to succeed!

What is something new that you’ve tried recently and had to alter your approach in order to be successful?


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