Okay, so we’ve all heard of it, right? There are endless types of meditation – mindfulness, spiritual, body awareness, guided, etc – but what truly is it that one is gaining from these practices? Through a little bit of research and my own attempts, I have found that there is more to simply calming the body and being in a relaxing position!

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Although not a strict rule when meditating, often times you’ll want to start off in a seated position (sukhasana). In the second week of my 30 Days to Live challenge , I have incorporated time at the end of each yoga practice to make a meditation attempt. Unfortunately for me, I was trying to meditate in savasana pose AKA laying down. Well let me tell you, not the best position to be in when learning how to meditate! It may or may not result in a mid day siesta! By being in a comfortable seated position, you are more likely to remain focused, aware and truly mindful of your breathing.


Now it’s inevitable that your mind will wander. As this happens, remember to bring your focus back to each inhale and exhale. Allow the wandering thoughts to pass you by and bask in the tranquility of the moment. Achieving this come with lots of practice, but all the worth while once there!

Have you tried meditating? If so, what is your meditation routine? If not, what are your thoughts on trying it?


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