Challenge #1 Practice Yoga – Week One Done!

Week one of my first 30 Days to Live challenge is complete! I can officially say that my body definitely needed to get back into the rhythmic flow of yoga. From day one I could feel the build up of stress and the blockages throughout my body. Simple stretches like touching your toes, or breathing through a lateral stretch were quite difficult. Taking note of these little things from the start has made the end of this week even more rewarding! I can officially say I am a lateral stretch survivor (Ha!)!

Now in all honestly, actually bringing myself to the mat was surprisingly the hardest part. Between working later hours, the sun setting earlier and just overall “winter is coming” (Game of Thrones anyone?!), the motivation levels are at an all time low. Some days I caught myself dragging my feet as I retrieved my mat, or simply making up excuses as to why I couldn’t do yoga right then and there. The funny thing is, at the end of each session I would catch myself thinking “Man, I really needed this! What was all the fuss about!?”.

Going into this next week I plan eliminating this thought and pushing through my winter lazies! I shall prevail!….But just in case I don’t, friendly reminders and check ins are welcome!

How do you stay motivated during the winter months? Share below any fun tips or routines you use during this season!


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