Creating a Calming Yoga Environment

Thus far in the challenge, I’ve learned the importance of creating a relaxing space to unroll your mat. The first few days did not require a distraction free zone as I was getting back into the groove of things. However, nearing the end of my first week, I can see that a calming environment is crucial for this experience!

From my curious dogs approaching me with kisses to a loud truck passing by, there have been endless distractions this week. I am finding that the mental aspect of this challenge is quite prevalent early on. Physically I can already see how yoga has aided me for the better. I’ve noticed that there are less aches in my lower back and my shoulders are definitely where I hold all the stress! However, my mind just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate! Really get into the game, you know? So, I came up with a solution to support this aspect of the challenge: start a routine.

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My current set up includes a mat, yoga straps & blocks, a bundle of sage, and a few essential oils that I like to diffuse while practicing. Each day once on my mat, I take a moment to light the sage as a way to cleanse the space before beginning my practice. I have found that this allows me to open up and release any stressors – a way to mentally let go before physically doing the same. Then, I like to add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the diffuser to enjoy throughout my practice. This really seems to help with letting go and allowing me to get into a nice flow.

Doing this simple ritual helps create a calming environment as I do not practice in the same place every day. Somedays I am inside while others I enjoy being out in the crisp fall air! I am looking forward to the evolution of the space I continue to carve out for myself. Hopeful this will lead to a more focused state of mind as I continue on!

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