Challenge #1 -Practicing Yoga

For my first 30 Days to Live challenge, I have decided to practice yoga. Now I am no stranger to unrolling a yoga mat. I have practiced on and off for the past four years now and for some reason, have always just suddenly stopped. It’s as though I’ve subconsciously decided that I no longer need this routine and fall back into the motions of everyday distractions (even though I feel my greatest when I am practicing!).

Initially I began practicing as a way to stretch post my daily three-mile walk. As my fitness improved, so did my love for unrolling my mat. I was able to improve my range of motion, flexibility and balance. Then, just like that I moved to a new city and forgot all about my love for yoga. A few years later I moved yet again and with that change, I fell back into my practice. Notice any pattern here? Whenever major changes seem to occur, I have the tendency to crawl right back into yoga…until of course I subconsciously just stop altogether. Well, with this challenge, I am hoping that I will not only complete 30 consecutive days, but that I will be reminded of the many benefits yoga has to offer. Wish me luck!


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